NoBody does it better

Life size anatomical bronze skeleton in stainless steel frame, after Da Vincis Vitruvian Man.

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Paying homage to a masterpiece is a pleasure for many artists.


The beautiful and profoundly iconic Vitruvian man is so symbolic of the quest to unite man and the divine that it has been reiterated in thousands of forms. To do so in bronze does present some surprising issues.
The first consideration and probably the most important is that of balance. Da Vincis original is an outline drawing. This keeps the overall image light. Once fleshed out to a sculpture, that balance changes dramatically!


‘Homage to Da Vinci’ by Enzo Plazzotta, Berkely Square, London

Another issue is that of the doubled arms and legs. Da Vinci had to cheat a little, the legs are not the same length and the arms are surprisingly short in length. The wonders of artistic licence!