NoBody’s innocent

The first NoBody, probably the most misunderstood, definitely the most emotionally perturbing.

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Haunting and disturbing, NoBody’s innocent poses several perplexing questions.

What would be going through the mind of an individual facing imminent extinction?

What situation would it take to become the gunholder, what does it feel to take a life?

It is a well documented fact that most people when faced with certain death would want nothing else than to send a message to loved ones.

Altruistic love born of horror?

The sculpture was specifically designed such that an observer can interact with it by holding the gun.

This work was selected to feature on Channel 4 Four Rooms. (series 7 episode1, [Link] opens in new tab )

Also available as a miniature (prototype below), and as a further study in the genre, there is the technical masterpiece ‘Head Shot’

bronze human skull fine art sculpture