Pinch me!

Homarus gramus,
Blue Lobster. A rare beast at one in a million.

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     Hot torch patinated Lobster.
     Copper nitrate key coat with titanium oxide white highlights form the undercoat. Approximately 5 hours with the torch so far.

torch on patina

     Final chemicals applied, ready for sealing with microcrystalline wax. 7 hours.
Antennae and flagella with wax, all done in 12 hours.

torch on patina

Some photographs of real blue lobsters used to model the patina:

Blue lobster real

Blue lobster real

Blue lobster real

The big picture

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Blue bronze lobster


Materials: Solid bronze

Editions: 9

Size: 60 x 33 x 17cm

Weight: 10Kg

Special features:
Antennae are removable, and come forward or rear facing. Smaller antennae are replaceable as well ensuring maintainability.


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