What’s on the studio bench?

Armoured Divisions
Having already a very large lobster and crab as part of the collection, it was only a matter of time before the age old question cropped up “who would win a fight between…”
For some reason the term Armoured Division came to mind.
How could I resist that?
An armoured division of tanks, armoured divisions on the crustaceans? Division between opponents?
Interestingly these two ocean dwellers don’t actually have a proper brain, so there is even a connection to the senselessness of war.

The work is shaping up nicely.
All arms, legs and bodies have been cast, so now it’s all about the final push to integrate all 30 odd components…
Lobster reared up shows off the beautiful detail of its underside. Arranging them has been a fiddle, though one of the real stumbling blocks is simply what to use as a base?
Do the fighters need permanent fixing to the base or should they slot in? All fixed together does make sense though it could end up easily around 30Kg.
Do I make an elaborate bronze base where the protaganists fight over a broken plaque engraved “.. and after this war to end all wars…”
Well, the jury is still out, and progress is held up for now.

One other little detail..
they are fighting over a bone, as one could easily imagine. But it is a human arm bone, or humerus bone. So all in all it is a humerous situation!

Next up is ‘Nailed it’, a continuation on the theistic theme. I’ve just got to forge a crucifiction nail and it’ll be ready, but that’s another story…