Bequeathing new life to something ravaged by history is often a voyage of discovery. One is forced to intimately know the exact way the original piece was crafted. Hand hewn and beaten materials behave and feel very differently to modern production, hence to seamlessley blend new with old is particularly challenging and highly rewarding.

  Carving 18mm steel plate  

hand freeform gas cutting of plate steel


Sculpting in surgical grade stainless. Click here or
on image to see the rest of the range


  On site design and fabrication of steel framed self supporting roof for the studio project. (Dorset)  
  Triangulated flat bar steel joins an all round steel ring plate  
  From inside with the rafters in place  
  View with slating. 4 roof windows plus the stained glass makes the interior very well lit.  
  Studio interior  
  Colouring Steel, one of our specialities. This is then sprayed with a 2 pack laquer.  
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by Bjorn Sjoling















































































































































































































































































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