This is the travelogue of the ship and crew of Restless, boldly exploring the outer limits of Macgregor stability,
Going forth where not too many men have been before.



Barca d'Alba, Spanish border.


Big locks in this part of the world (Portugal, Duoro Valley)


MacGathering, Man-o-war cove, Dorset UK. One of our favourite haunts


Another view of the Jurassic coast


A little further along the coast, almost home...


Aranah rounding Old Harrys' rocks


Mrs Helming n heeling on our second outing in our super exy boaty


Mr wondering if it is really clever to go out in a force 8+ on the third outing...


Breakfast is served! :)


Cracking along at 8+ kts


Lovely.. just hope it doesn't come any closer..


Got to watch out for these sudden squalls!


We decided on a peach interior...