River Drive.. shoal rudders & auxilliary drive


  I added a small bracket on top of the beefed up bracket as it meant I could hang the rudder through one of its existing holes, and it would kick up if it needed to as well. It was simply for canal work, as it can get very shallow near the banks and slow speed handling in locks etc is a bit brutal.      
  A closer up view. A couple of shots further down you can see that I beefed up the bracket hanger pretty substantially.. I noticed that the old X 2 part jobbies were some sort of sick joke. The top bits were loose on both sides.      

I was given this engine, so I thought I'd put it to use. I knocked up a little bracket for it so I could pootle along the canal slowly without oiling up the plugs on the big'un





Then I found another engine.. this time an 8hp, which I really wanted to take to Greece to use in 3 capacities... 1. Tender 2. emergency. 3. economy drive.

Here it is on its port hanger. There is a 10mm drop pin that holds it on, and it is designed in such a way that the same pin can be put through the extra bracket on the rudder...

  ...and here it is pushing us along at 4.5 - 6 knots. I use the backstay to lift the engine up onto its' bracket as well as for putting it onto the tender. The set up worked very well.      
  back onto the other lump. The bonus of having it on the rudder means that it steers too! The other thing we did was to get rid of the back bench seat. It was not missed for the 6 weeks of our last trip.