Being an electronics engineer by proffession means I ought to have this all really well sussed out. I'm pretty happy with how things are going. When I understand more about batteries I may even buy some new ones one day!

The 2 main batteries live under the aft dinette seat, under the grp insert or 'cooler/chiller box' whatever. This space is shared with hydraulic steering oil n top up tubes, a portable battery charger & wakeboard boots. Looks messy... We only keep bedding in the chiller box now so access is ok when underway, if ever needed!

This is where the isolators sit, I've got a spare one for a third battery should I feel the need to plumb in an extra spare. To the right of this is a current shunt I found lying around so I can monitor current as well as voltage.
On the LHS I've got a 3stage battery charger that came with the boat.. 110v. I'll run it through a transformer when I find one, till then I use the portable. I've got a wired in mains plug in the box already so I just hook the boat up and it's all go.
  The isolators and the front end of the control panel (galley)      

Really useful space now the battery has moved


ebay 'warm' smd leds just wired in place. the old bulbs were awful. These give a lovely warm colour. You'd never know it was not a filament lamp