Nodding Donkey


This is an absolute must for Greek waters. Bruce anchor and some method of rapid deployment, both up or down. In fact, by hanging a large steel carabina off the port mid stantion, I can even set/recover the hook from the cockpit entirely single handed.

The channel is 6mm plates welded together, all from bits of scrap. The triangular base was the big expense, again 6mm, laser cut for £40. It also carries the retractable bowsprit (which also doubles as the mast crook) and the easy lever for putting tension on the forestay (the hinge is on the back, a pin holds the fron bit down but is hidden by the anchor)

The design was originaly made for a CQR anchor that for all the times I used it it refused to set, so out it went. chopping up a trailer rubber Vee block made the whole plot settle down quite nicely. The awkward issue was making sure the hook clears the bowsprit stays. It does all this utterly painlessly.

I have yet to put a proper chain hook / lock down system on it, however the well oversized cleats take a good chain wrap quite happily. Other mods to add would be some extra guide bars to compensate for the slimmer shank on the Bruce.

This has been well used during our last 6 weeks abroad and I've got to say it is a lifesaver. A comparison would be slugs n lazyjax verses bolt rope... The set up works beautifully. I can stand straight above the locker and pull away to my hearts content. Same goes for dropping it. No more awkward and dangerous leaning over the side messing around for this crew!

  anchor system      

  nodding donkey anchor stowage      
  rear rapid deploy anchor