Rear Winches


Single handing in heavy weather was something that could be a bit of a struggle I found out on a few occaisions... Looping the genny sheet over the cabin winch then trying to get it in the badly placed cleat, which had a tendency to let go at random inervals was just a royal pain in the arse. Ok, so led back and made good to the rear cleats. Better, but not really safe or good practice. And trying to get the sheet in with a strong wind from the back of the boat... alot of effort and concentration when main sheet and rudder control are already occupying two hands, leaving only my third arm to pull like hell.

But not anymore! This pair of mast winches are small enough to go on the gunwale side without being too wide, hence easy and tidy to fit, and I can now just relax as the boat is surfing and corkscrewing through heavy seas accompanied by howling rigging and the shrieking wife.

Harden up some?? Let go of the hydraulic helm and let the NR valves earn their place onboard, take the bight in one hand, crank with the other... slowly just so that one can appreciate all the hard work and head scratching and gel-filling and rubbing-down time and cash that has been spent for those snatched second of respite when underway. I'm still trying to work out what it is about this sailing lark that gets me going so... where will it end??