Central Heating


Behind the heads in another dead space we decided to install this most marvelous bit of kit. It is a 1600W gas fired propex heater unit. It draws fresh air (green tube) from the port deck locker, and blows the exhaust out the top (ss bellowed flue) to an exhaust that runs out the back of the boat.

The hot air is ducted to where-ever you want it. At the moment it just goes through the head into the dinette area. I'll be adding some branches so that it can be used as a hair dryer and I'll have an output up on the deck with a bit of wide vacuum cleaner pipe so the captain can have a hot air stream going into his jacket in 'orrid weather! How lovely would that be??


I've waited quite some time for this solution.. I was quoted £20 at a boat jumble for a closeable directionable vent outlet.. outrageous! Then I noticed the funky ventilators in a Ford Ka... so next visit to the scrappy and I pulled a few of these out.
I needed it to be closeable as I'll also be running a vent out to the cockpit for the benefit of freezing helmsmen or to pamper the wife.. best kept hot! A small inspection hatch should suffice for that.
BTW the awful switch bank is just one of the things I've not got round to replacing yet.. it works ok, just isn't in keeping with the rest. Going to be a few hours of fiddly wiring though.

Close up of the outlet vent, and the ships clock. From ikea, with the clock face pulled off and turned upside down. A handy feature of this is tht it can be seen from the helm, and it can be turned forward so the alarm feature is readily accessible be a broad reach from the vee berth. It's also quite safely out of the way. Quite hard to site.. I took the weight out of the base and stuck it with neoprene double sided tape trimmed to size.