T h e . j a c h t s c h i p . R e s t l e s s

etymology from the Norwegian jacht, shortened form of jachtschip "fast pirate ship," lit. "ship for chasing,"
macgregor 26x restless macgregor 26x restless macgregor 26x restless macgregor 26x restless macgregor 26x restless macgregor 26x restless macgregor 26x restless      

There is as much art in marine engineering as there is engineering in fine art.
Restless as a name came about through a series of letters entitled as such that cemented the relationship with Mrs peaches... Restless then became the name of our gallery, and obviously when baby came along it too gained the title.


  cast stainless skeleton hand bronze apple   skull museum quality        
  Mods n repairs etc Interior & Galley (mainly construction mess)    
    Galley gallery (the nearly finished article)    
  Sprayhood Plan    
    Front vee berth & peach interior    
    Neat Lazy Jack lines    
    Life jacket storage tubes    
    Central Heating    
    Rear Winches    
    Elecritical bits (battery layout)    
    Canvas roll down washboard    
    The story of Stainless Steel    
    Mac Canvas    
  2011 season latest Centerboard sorted    
    Slug Gate    
    River drive... Shoal rudder and auxilliary drive    
    Nodding donkey self stowing anchor system    

coming soon:
Bowsprit. more steering mods. cockpit lockers. Canvas - enclosure. Stack pack, Widgets.

    Newbie? read this Mac Tips & weak points    

    video of a little run with the genny on a 12' pole...    
Trips n events cool photos    
    London Ring 2011    
    The Portsmouth rally 2010    
    The Solent rally 2009    
  Restless Abroad Greek Odyssey I Overland Europe and the Sporades    
    Greek Odyssey II The Cyclades    
    Red Sea Diving (not aboard Restless)    
  ----> LATEST Greak Odyssey III gets to Turkey    
  Restless engineering Restless stuff... Stained glass, wrought iron etc etc    
    Beautiful Bones our new stainless and bronze artworks    
  Techie bonus Tohatsu/Nissan ns50 D manual pdf    

macgregor 26x restless