Galley Construction


What a goddamn mess!! Too many tools in too small a space.
Anyway, following is the galley as it is evolving..



Ok, so this is wrong but it really hacks me off getting things wet from within the liner, so the white thing siliconed to the hull guides all trickes into the catching tray and then out via the one way valve. The other copper tube going into the nr valve is a drain for the fridge and oven flue. Condensation or any splashes hit a baffle and run out so my equipment shouldn't rot! Had to mod the sink drain for clearance, so added a stop cock while at it.

This space is for the oven to sit in. Either side are my firewalls.. polished ally on 1" wall insulating board with glass wool round where the oven gives off most of its' heat.

  At the back are a couple of saddles (red arrows) that the ovens feet slip into so once in it ain't going nowhere! The two bits of ally angle are going to be the drawer runners.
Between oven and sink there is just enough room for a useful drawer... shape defined by the sink & drain.
  ... found some unused space to put the gas isolating manifold....
The gas lines are an art to themselves.. everything is made so that it can be relatively easy to remove any item... this is just the way it has to be! That's the fridge flue going into the main 3" breather. Technically it's a bit rude combining flues.. I may put an inner ss one in it if my gas/co sniffers tell me there's an issue anywhere. The main ss flue is out for the moment while everything is getting it's final fix positions sorted out.
  the snakey thing is the oven and fridge flue, complete with a condensation trap and 1-way valved thru hull drain.
This aft side will also have a load more joinery added to it soonish including all the electrical widgets n stuff...

  and what it's all about for this stage! Got most of the teak dry fitted now.. just a final push and varnish n polish and hook up the water pump n put the drain in and build up the other half of the shelving and put the second axle on the trailer and fit the jammers and deck organisers and inboard fuel tank and cockpit locker hinged lids and new steering bow and kicker mount and build the perspex sprayhood and move the ballast breather and sort the vee berth and fit the bowsprit and the second set of winches and build the arch and rewire everything... we're launching in 4 weeks...