Galley gallery

The basic look of our galley. Could do with a wider angle lens really
  Here with our favourite space of all revealed, the cherry drawer, so named as we were round our friend Cherrys' house and she had one of these tower drawer things fitted as part of her new kitchen. So she told me she wanted one...      
  The front end of our feeding zone...      
  Open and ready for action. Bottom right is the oven. The flue goes out and up behind the cherry drawer and outside      
  I thought at the time that it would be an awful lot of work putting such a small shelf above the cooker. I did it more for the looks to be honest,      
  Actually it is proving to be brilliant. We can cook serious gourmet onboard now and don't struggle to find or get hold of anything. It is making extended staying onboard a real pleasure.      
  This little snug is fantastic for charging phones, keeping keys n wallets etc together. That's the voltmeter in the back next to the triple 12v sockets. All these spaces have their own leds installed so I don't have to mes around in shadt corners straining to see anything. Inside/outside temp n clock to the right. Great for smug satisfaction when it says 20in 4out.I've not got round to putting the last door on yet, it'll hide where the kitchen roll and gps are sitting. I see I've still got a few dowls to put in to hide a couple of screws... damn these never ending bits to finish off!      

  A white gorilla tub kicked into that useless space makes it perfectly serviceable for what hasn't found a proper home yet. Hanging off the cherry drawer is a large maglight held securely in place by plumbers plastic clamps. A good tug and it's in your hand.      

  Handy storage for larger pans, vacuum cleaner and fresh fish device      

  Teak trim continued in the little side sections. Led downlighters in the cross pieces. I'll put a section in the middle next time I'm into doing some woodwork. Gives the boat a much better atmosphere.