Front Vee berth


Life aboard Restless improved massivley by moving up to the vee berth. This could only be achieved after a simple mod as we're not umpa-lumpas.


We bought a cheap duvet and sewed n cut the sides down a bit so it fits in better and did the same with a brushed cotton cover... sleeping aboard is now completely luxurios! Whatever the weather we're so warm we barely use the central heating anymore!


The board shown below sits on the foam and rests on the bit of polished ally angle screwed into the grp. The 2 bits of ally angle interlock so the board doesn't move during the night! Rounded off as it is it really doesn't cause any inconvenience in the cabin.

The foam needs to be cut down a bit yet. Handily it is exactly the same size as the dinette cushion next to it.

When not in use it all stows away under the table.

  As an executive decision, I fancied the peach interior...