beautiful art glass double glazed stained glass title beautiful art glass
  Stained glass / leaded lights have always added real highlights to any building. They change constantly with light, and add interest to any architecture. They are also an excellent means of reducing the impact of less than perfect views!      

massive encased stained glass evening viewbeautiful art glassmassive encased stained glass evening view 2

  beautiful art glass      
  The advantages of double glazing stained glass go beyond the obvious fact of insulation and better security. They are alot easier to keep clean, and most significantly they can be made without those ungainly iron support rods crossing the whole image.      
  contemporary freehand leaded light window on the benchmodern stained glasscontemporary freehand leaded light window on the bench 2      
  At just over 3m, this pane is about as long as possible to produce without outgrowing standard production facilities. Even the glass sheets for the glazing become special ordering and handling, and the roller benches and bonding stations too are at their limit.
Cleaning the glass before encapsulation is a very painstaking task. A strong directional lightsource and very thorough panel mapping is the only way... the glass can't be lifted up and looked through as it would collapse under its own weight.

wrought iron railing framing huge encased stained glass windowencapsulated stained glassdetail view of freehand section of encasd leaded lights

  Some views from inside the building. There is a focal point infront of the building that lines the 'ragged curves' of the railing (above left foreground) into the blue circle, and the clear disc just above the blue frames the design from the rear gable. (below)      
  window through stained glass aligning with second stained glass window      
  The other windows in this project. We would like to thank the crew at Spartina Glass, Newbury for their help, skill and patience in the delicate process of encapsulation.      


sri yantra encased stained glass window, 3 metres widecontemporary stained glass encapsulated window

  sri yantra in stained glass detailencapsulated stained glass      
  These designs all follow a theme suitable for a creative studio. The Sri Yantra (left) is one of the most ancient symbols in history representing creation and duality. Mars and Venus (right) continue this dual theme and hint at the rest of our solar system.      
  sri yantra in stained glass detail 2encapsulated stained glassleaded lights encapsulated in double glazing close up      
  The sun has its place in the center part of the railing (here) and the rest of the cosmos painted in with the 'sky at light' design in the mezzanine ceiling      
  sky at light      
We can design any style of leaded light window, either coming up with original plans to match the particular placement of the finished piece, matching existing work, such as for extensions, or blending new and old.


























































double glazed / encased Stained glass. Warm, secure, easy maintenance. (actually triple glazed units) contemporary or repaired original. 20 years experience