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or carry on looking through the roots of where it all began. Not much has changed really, just the bits between the hands and the skull! A load of anatomy.


human skeleton statue



Once we had decided that we wanted an anatomically perfect model of a hand we set about getting the references. We even bought a student model skeleton... what a disappointing waste of effort that turned out to be!
So x-ray images, Grays anatomy book and advice from Dr. Friend guided the process.


bronze skeleton handbronze skeleton hand

  bronze skeleton hand modelbronze skeleton hand anatomy      
  December 10. Dining room table. Torrential rain outside, the project begins. We look at each other, in my naiveness I convince her that it is all straightforward stuff. How hard can it be? All be done in a few weeks...      


bronze skeleton hand anatomybronze skeleton hand anatomy

  It took a few attempts to find the right material to work with.. milliput resin (brown) was awful, fimo too, so back to traditional use of clay on a wire armature. Slowly it came together.      

human skeleton hand human skeleton hand

  human skeleton hand master      
  After an awful lot of fiddling, we settled on the layout of the wrist bones. It turns out that although they are pretty much locked in place for most of the time, the scaphoid bone (under my thumb) actually revolves depending on the rotation of your arm, so the apparent contradiction in various x-rays and images were all correct. Took us a week to work that one out! It is now the 13 Jan.



  human skeleton hand      
  At last the process began to draw to its' close. A few days spent painting and polishing the 22 pieces gave the clay a smooth surface tough enough for the next part of the process. Making the moulds...      
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