Design team: Amanda & Bjorn Sjoling

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  Engineering and other stuff      
  sculptured bones

Glass is a wonderful medium. It changes all the time. It plays with light. It is also pretty challenging stuff to put together.

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Carving 20mm plate steel  

Despite the cartesian aspects of engineering in general, there was clearly another aspect to form and function. Proportion, balance, and that most enigmatic of qualities, beauty. This aspect defies definition, so I persue it wholeheartedly.

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  Oil on canvas
  sculptured bones

Degree qualified in electronics, pulling apart clocks and carburettors at 6yrs old, form, function and material has fascinated me from pre school days. Childhood memories of living in building sites with dad architect-builder channeled me to doing everything myself. Anything is possible with the right tool...

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  Sailing. Still trying to figure out why I like it. It is often really stressful! It really needs strict discipline in order to experience real freedom. Is this one of the precious lessons of lifes irony that we wrestle to understand?
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Coming soon: Photography. Kung Fu. Restoration projects (sax/brass, furniture, old electrical) Climbing, Diving, Language, Dancing (Lindy-hop, Blues Jive) (see the under construction)

Artist Statement      

The labels artist and engineer have been pinned on me for as long as I can remember. I inhabit a world where machines whisper poetry, and natural forms declare engineered perfection.

For whatever reason, my mind thrives on the challenge of understanding intricate detail. I am driven to represent that beauty in sculptural form.

My ambition as an artist is to share the wonders of the world we live in by revealing the often overlooked examples of harmony and complexity which are around us.

My ambition as an engineer is to shape the algorithm that will transform materials from concept to reality. I take great satisfaction in wielding tools, and particularly in mastering traditional techniques.

I endeavour to weld the two disciplines to achieve my artistic objectives.