In the beginning

It all started with an insatiable curiosity about how things work. I began pulling things apart from about 7 years old. 40 years later and nothing has changed.

After gaining a B.Sc in electronics, surprisingly, my first ever job was as a skilled machinist for an aerospace company. Ultra high precision milling and turning of satellite parts, fascinating! There were hardly any CNC auto machines in those days. I’ve always been proud to know I’ve made stuff that’s in orbit!

weapon of choice

Hand tools, the creative keys

After that I joined a company where I built robot production machines. Again, I spent as much time in the machine room as possible amongst precision toolmakers.
In my spare time I fixed and rebuilt cars and motorcycles, so by the age of 25 I already had a deep understanding of mechanics, pneumatics, control systems and micro processing.

Artful Engineering

My first ever sculptures turned out as the intricate little automatons.
I also developed some pretty advanced techniques in steel work, blacksmithing and most known welding techniques available.

I never missed an opportunity to explore any other craft that came my way. From woodwind to stained glass, graphic design and IT, it was all art or engineering.

The ability to repair and restore has always been really practical. Cars, washing machines, heating systems, anything we use daily.

Fixing up

Found in a scrapyard.

This is soo old, the wire coils in this motor were wound in silk!

In its day it would have cost a fortune!


Trying to capture that elusive quality we refer to as beauty.


Self built and designed self supporting roof.
Second section (to the right) not started yet..


3.2m double glazed (!) stained glass front window, inside (note integration of mezzanine steelwork balcony) and outside views