NoBody and the Sjölings

Are you confused by what modern art has become?

Maybe even disillusioned by the splashes and scribbles of Picasso wannabes?

Dorset based artist-engineer couple Amanda and Björn Sjöling are taking a stand. Between them they produce some of the finest bronze work in production today.

modern art…Tracy Emin

Meet NoBody

Their creation of ‘No-Body’ provided the perfect expressive channel.

Combining elegance, subtleness and an incredible attention to detail, their life size bronze skeleton sculptures capture heartfelt emotions with direct simplicity.

The master stroke was naming them NoBody. Why?

Because a skeleton has no body!

Bones always have a story to tell

From fossils to the present day forensics, bones capture history.

Here we have human skeletons free of race, gender and creed.
As such, NoBody is directly connected to everyone.

Technically, skeletons are extraordinarily complex at every stage of the creative process. Assembled bone by bone in wax gave the freedom to put in the natural curves found in the finished pieces, however the toll in time is extreme.

Heartless and gutless, complete no brainer

“We wanted to make the best in the world” explains Björn “A skeleton is an astounding piece of engineering perfection that is too hastily overlooked, yet it is our life support! ”

Their full collection, titled ‘Remains to be seen’ is typical of their light hearted wordplay. Using humour and stunning detail, the Sjölings mix images of love and beauty with the haunting and alarming to produce art that does not fail to touch.