First sale hits £30,000 !

When an unknown artist makes a first commercial sale for £30,000, eyebrows raise.

Not only that, the second of the edition sold for £35,000

In Jan 2013 we had ‘NoBody thought it would come to this’ in Pimlico road, London.
It sold within 4 weeks, and is now sat next to a Banksy opposite a Warhol and not too far from some pieces by Marc Quin. Good company.

In Feb 2014 we put the second edition of the same piece, which sold within 5 weeks.

skeletal fine art sculpture

Very limited production

Investing in new art is a gamble, there is no two ways about it. However, if it plays out right then you could end up with some real pension bonuses.
Warhols and Piccasso all sold for peanuts to start with.
(see what makes a masterpiece)

One thing guaranteed with Sjöling bronzes is that they will never be mass produced.
There are only two hands that craft these from model to article.
More ‘art’ is coming from autocad with 3D printers, with some fine concepts too. However, the Chinese are getting better every year at copying…